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Rising unemployment rates, inflation and the volatile economic climate inevitably leads to a rise in crime statistics. It is unfortunate that we must adjust our lifestyles accordingly, but it is pertinent that one focus on being resilient and alert to prevent becoming a victim of crime related events.

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It can be so easy to get into the comfort zone thinking; "I'm insured, I'm adequately covered". However, it is imperative to keep an eye on your insurance values, especially in time of inflation, world pandemics and other economic crisis.
Author of the book, “Everything you need to know about non-life insurance in South Africa’, by AGCS Chief Claims Officer, Thomas Sep was interviewed by Gareth Stokes of FANews where he explained; “Inflation has reached levels not seen for three or four decades in some countries and is not expected to ease significantly in the coming months.”

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The economic climate since early 2020 has created insecurity in terms of consistency of investment income, which in turn triggered an urge to panic sell. History has proven repeatedly that investors who remained firm in their investments during times of hardship, have reaped the rewards in capital growth over the longer term by applying patience and perseverance. In fact, panic selling in turbulent markets locks in perceived losses, and the resultant gains during market recovery are lost as well.

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How can we make a difference?

Ambiton follows a five step process to service delivery.

1. We don’t sell policies, we offer solutions

Because we listen to and care for our clients, we realize that every client has individual needs. We aim to tailor products to achieve the broadest coverage and most competitive terms.

2. Risk placement

Ambiton believes in continually expanding its services to meet the growing and varied demands of the marketplace.

3. Quality as business excellence

Ambiton is dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do. Quality is not negotiable; it’s a value that originates in our passion, our pride and our desire to make a difference as part of the Ambiton Family.

4. Claims negotiation

We maintain that an insurance broker’s service stands or falls by the competence of its claims handling. At Ambiton, we provide the highest possible standards of service throughout the claims process. This includes fast and active claims negotiation because we are familiar with our products and offerings, which ultimately leads to an efficient settlement process.

5. Level of advice

At Ambiton, we are committed to providing well researched, objective and appropriate financial advice to individuals and businesses.