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Filled-up with the wrong fuel?

Some of us have experienced that dreaded feeling a short distance from the filling station when the vehicle suddenly starts shaking and then comes to a sudden stop.Often when refilling a vehicle's fuel tank, motorists trust that the attendant will add the right fuel to the vehicle. A lack of communication or not checking up on your vehicle's fuel requirements can cause serious damage to the engine.

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Newsflash - Claiming from Travel insurance

TRAVEL Insurance companies are clamping down on supporting documentation requirements before paying out claims following a global spike in fraudulent transactions.

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Weather warning

With heavy rain and possible flooding still on the way, one can never be too prepared. At Ambiton we are urging our clients to take care and stay safe.

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Exciting News!!

We are pleased to announce that ASAMBO Labour Consultants have teamed up with AMBITON to provide employers in the Eastern Cape with professional labour consulting services.

ASAMBO’s Port Elizabeth office opens on 2 May 2018 from Ambiton’s premises at which point we will gladly conduct “meet and greet” sessions with employers to introduce our team. Be on the look-out for our training sessions which are conducted at no cost to prospective clients and our monthly updates on developments within the labour law arena.

ASAMBO, amongst other things, provides the following essential services to our clients:

  • Advice on employment strategies e,g. fixed term vs. permanent employment
  • Employment contracts and restraints of trade, including specialized contracts for senior employees 
  • Effective poor work performance and medical incapacity management