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11 May 2020

Philosophers, thinkers, scientists, writers, poets, painters, filmmakers, designers... Throughout the history of wine, strongly linked to the history of human beings, there are numerous times we find WINE as a source of inspiration. Wine became a symbol of status and hedonism and these days more than ever, it is associated with fun, food and friends.

Unfortunately we are in the middle of lockdown and wine and friends are a scarcity, but why not plan your first get together as soon as lockdown ends?

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Wine - we have the answer

​We are proud to announce that we have negotiated two special deals with 2 well known wine makers - Guy Webber & Ken Forrester, both from Stellenbosch, especially for all our Ambiton Clients.

Guy Webber - Hill & Dale

Considered one of South Africa’s Pinotage Masters with a personal tally of seven ABSA Top 10 wines, including a finalist for the Hill & Dale Pinotage 2002, Guy Webber is passionate about this home-grown variety and considers it his absolute favourite. Guy is not only an excellent wine maker, he is also an Ambiton ambassador and loyal client.

Hill & Dale have created a special Discount Coupon for their online Shop called “Ambiton”. When you place an order online here, you will be asked at the checkout if you have a Discount Coupon.

On entering “Ambiton” into the space provided, an automatic 20% discount will be applied to your order – which INCLUDES free delivery on any orders of 12 bottles and more to within the RSA.

Delivery will only be able to take place after the current restrictions have been lifted where after they should take around 72 hours to get to the major cities.

Ken Forrester - Ken Forrester Vineyards

Ken Forrester's philosophy has always been to create a range of handcrafted, individually made wines that suitably compliment a wide variety of food styles.

In 2019, Ken Forrester Vineyards celebrated 25 years of wine life in Stellenbosch. Ken Forrester vineyards is testimony to hard work, passion and creativity and we look forward to the next 25 fun years.

Forrester Vineyards created a special Coupon Code that allows a 20% discount on any order over R1250. It also covers the cost of the transport which effectively will give you 30% discount in total.

Their online store can be found at: Shop Online

The code "AMBITON-KFW" can be inserted when prompted at "view cart" or "Checkout". Please contact Louw Strydom - louw@kenforresterwines.com

Ambiton has always focused on the needs of its clients and appreciates how, by working together, we can both succeed in a symbiotic relationship such as those in nature.

In an effort to lessen the impact of COVID-19 and the constraints it has placed on our already strained economy, we can all benefit from helping each other.

“Should you run a business which needs a marketing boost and would like to advertise on our website” …. please send an e-mail to marketing@ambiton.co.za.

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